Pizza - Large or small mozzarella pie with homemade tomato sauce. Choose from various toppings.  $11.95 (L) and $8.95 (S)

Specialty Pizza - Large or small specialty pizza.  Choose from  buffalo, mango madness, mango magma (HOT!), cowboy BBQ, or John-Wayne BBQ.  All specialty pizza served with special sauce, and chicken. $11.95 (L) $18.95 (S)

Toppings include: Bacon, Pepperoni, Onion and Olives  $2.00/topping

Chicken Wings- Choose from either a large or small.  Crispy chicken wings baked  and tossed in your choice of sauce.  Home of the "Mango Madness", or if your brave try the "Mango Magma!"  Also available, buffalo, cowboy BBQ, John-Wayne BBQ, ranch and honey mustard. $11.95 ( L) and $8.95 (S)

Chicken Tenders - Crispy boneless chicken tenders either tossed in your choice of sauce or on the side ( Buffalo, Mango Madness, Mango Magma, Cowboy BBQ, John Wayne BBQ, Ranch and Honey Mustard).  $7.95

Nachos - Tostito chips topped with olives, jalapenos, and cheese.  Can also add chicken for a little extra! $9.95  Served with salsa and sour cream.

Mozzarella Sticks - crispy and cheesy mozzarella sticks served with marinara sauce! $6.95

Pretzel - Large, hot pretzel served with cheese sauce, honey mustard or yellow mustard. 1 for $3.00 or 2 for $5.00

Chicken Taquitos - Chicken and cheese taquitos served with sour cream and salsa. $6.95

Chips and Salsa - Tostito chips served with a side of salsa $3.95

50 cent wings  WACKY WING WEDNESDAY 

75 cent wings  D3 Karaoke   8pm-midnight EVERY TUESDAY

8$ LARGE PLAIN/PEPPERONI PIZZAS   every Tuesday for karaoke hours!